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2017 – What Can We Expect?

Everyone is asking this question!  In the geographic areas I work in (Oakland and Macomb counties especially) we have seen three consecutive “seller’s markets” over the past 3 years and I believe we will see one more.  Interest rates are edging up but they will likely remain very palatable for 2017.  However as they inch up, that will continue to motivate Buyers to find that perfect home before rates climb higher.  Available homes for sale remain low and has for the past 3 years, which continues to push values up and I don’t see that changing.  Many potential Sellers have been apprehensive about putting their home on the market with fears of not finding their next home, which has created a double edged sword.  It has been tough for Buyers because of this listing shortage but if we move quickly, we can find you that dream home.  For the “snowbirds” moving to their already existing southern home it has been fantastic since we can usually sell their homes very quickly and they don’t have to worry about finding another.  In a nutshell, we should see another great year of increasing values which is great news for everyone.

Happy New Year and make it your best year ever!